• Amstel Radler - 3.50€

​​The flavor of Amstel but with lemons

  • Hop House 13 - 5€

It is a lager beer with an intense hoppy but not bitter flavor, refreshing and with a smooth malty finish.

  • Affligem Blonde - 6€

As we raise the glass, the aroma of baked bread, banana and ripe fruit invades us. The sweetness of residual sugar mingles with the peach flavor with each sip.

  • Paulaner trigo - 7€

Wheat beer from Munich. At first, with a bitter touch, very consistent, deep and aromatic flavor. Powerful citrus notes, presence of lime and aftertaste of pine and resin. 

  • ​Lagunitas IPA - 4.50€

It is a very aromatic American beer, the English malts add a bit of roast and body and the American hops soften it. It is a resinous and citrusy beer with a malty finish. ​​

  • ​Amstel Oro - 3.80€

Special 100% malt beer, with an alcohol content of 6.2% by volume. A careful blend of malts, with different roasting levels, gives it a dark golden color and a particular aroma of roasted malt. The result is a full-bodied beer with creamy foam, intense flavor and just the right amount of bitterness.

  • Ladrón de Manzanas - 3.50 €

(Cider)It is the combination of 7 types of apples, sweet and sour to achieve a naturally refreshing taste.